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Imagine yourself on a beach in Saint-Tropez. As your toes play idly in the warm, velvety sand, you're sipping your favourite refreshing drink. There's laughter in the distance, or maybe it's the waves. Friends' silhouettes seem dark against the intense sun, but you feel their loving presence. Finally, you're with your favourite people in your favourite place. You close your eyes and savour this amazing feeling you never want to end.

Our new colourful watches from the Iconic Link, Quadro and Classic collections aw inspiration from and aim to capture this emotion. With dials dipped in pastel colors that evoke strawberry gelato or the blue skies over Capri, the new watches brim with day-dreaming vibes. For example, the Iconic Link Mint, with a green watch face, integrates perfectly with the summer dream aesthetic. The light green of the watch dial adds a pop of colour to the airy, minimalist outfits, while the chunky, silver watchband feels like wearing casual summer jewelry.

The Iconic Link Blush featuring a pink watch face and the Iconic Link Capri, with a blue watch face, complete our trio of colourful watches, so you can choose the one that fits better with your personal colour palette. For example, the Iconic Link Blush brings warmth to a wardrobe dominated by shades of grey, blacks, and whites. The Iconic Link Capri light blue watch compliments cream shades, warm complementary colours, or simply white outfits.  

Our new colourful watches go beautifully with our DW accessories as well. And most of all, with the free gift that comes with each of the new timepieces, the Classic Bracelet in a colour of your choosing. 


The new colourful watches are a great addition to the Iconic Link Collection, but there is so much more to explore in this series. Even if the collection has an overall look, as a modern interpretation of an 80s classic, each piece has its own personality. The Iconic Link Automatic, for example, is our most advanced timepiece that features a self-winding mechanism, yet nothing but reassured elegance transpires from it. Or the Iconic Link Ceramic, a monochrome watch crafted entirely from ceramic, feels extremely bold in its minimalism. In radiant rose gold, silver, or duo tone with shimmering stones, the other models complete the collection, so there's something for everyone. And what's most important, they all look amazing as you dream of a overseas summer.

So, wear one of our new colourful watches or another piece from the Iconic Collection on your overseas summer trip or sunset watching, and don't forget to accessorise with jewellery. Our signature pieces pair wonderfully with the watches since they share the same DW esthetic and style. For example, the watches with colour dials go well with the unisex Classic Bracelet, a minimalist yet definitely trendy bracelet. Or, if you're more of a ring person, wear your new Iconic Link watch with the Classic Ring. Now is a time for experiments, so pair it even with a watch of a different colour.


We can't guarantee the sunny days will be endless. But we can vouch for our watches and accessories. They're all crafted from long-lasting, sustainable materials that stand the test of time and the elements. You can even wear them at the beach since they are water-resistant. The finishing has a high quantity of gold, ensuring they will keep their shine. So, get your new colourful watch from Daniel Wellington or another piece from the Iconic Collection, and imagine the warm breeze as you colour up your life.